Schedule Required

There is a rewrite going on. Not just rule updates but grammar updates. The run on sentence and passive voice are being exterminated. The task is herculean in many ways. There is a lot of data and writing is hard. The rule reworking is fun. Really fun. The main rework is extending the tactical combat system to a complete rule system called Roll Playing Rules. The theatrical combat system is being extended as well and will have a minimal roll rule set called the Role Playing Rules. Not creating anything new, just pulling apart a previously enmeshed system. Now referee and players can start out in either system and face less snags between the two systems.


I have pretty much embraced the markup language AsciiDoc. The constrictions of the online editor feel conspicuous and Gutenberg feels like an abomination. Can’t say I am too old for change. I made a major change. I am too old for UX assholes making me change my workflow for their mock turtleneck square glasses bullshit.

This arm of the project ends on June 2 2020 regardless of it’s status. As of today I am 0 days behind schedule. The reason is that I am not a good writer. Restructuring and writing tables is fun and easy. Correcting incoherent writing is a lot hard. A lot slower. I may make some of those fun project completion graphics that I made for version 5.0.

Have a Look

studiostoks. stock illustration. modified HM
Android migraines are the worst.

Menus Are Not Necessarily Easier

<there is supposed to be an image here, but today WP is not uploading images>

I managed to break the footer today. I am not even sure how I broke it. To edit the footer requires one to find the footer menu that has the content. It is not in Footer CSS, Footer Typography, or Footer Layout. There is no footer content. The take home here is that just because something is in a GUI does not mean it is easier to use or better. These parameters change from theme to theme and from iteration to iteration. CLI web page creation has it’s blemishes as well. However in the end I am finding AsciiDoc and Antora faster and less painful than WP. WP still has an important place in the world of online content.

The Rabbit Whole

Hacking and slashing through crappy writing.

WordPress is a bit clingy with it’s data. I mean my data. It is not easy to get control of stuff in the WP vortex. WP has it’s place, but it does not meet my long term needs any longer. Some things are easier on WP. Other things are harder. I would strongly recommend any beginner to stay on WP.

As described earlier there was/is a lot of parallel learning required to get up and staggering with AsciiDoc and Antora.  Antora using AsciiDoc is for creating document sites. The most important part of approaching EXP like a document instead of a website is that AsciiDoc works best with ventilated prose. This means that each sentence sits on it’s own line using a text editor. Not unlike a line of code. This makes EXP Game part of the Docs as Code movement.

Seeing each sentence as a line of code has made many errors in 5.x impossible to ignore. There is a re-write going on simultaneously. There are so many grammatical, rule and logic errors being fixed that this will be a new version of EXP come spring 2020.

Git is working out for storing the docs. I am not going to share the repository as the content is a hot mess.