Appendix F: Credits


Version 1

Special Thanks: The minds that changed the meaning of what a game meant, and how collective play could work. James M. Ward (Metamorphosis Alpha, and Gamma World); Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson (Dungeons and Dragons).

Version 2

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All rights reserved. No copies may be made, in whole or in part, without the expressed written consent of the author. This includes digitizing onto super computers, or the ink quill copying made by small furry gremlins. The Game of Technological Chaos, EXP and the EXP logo are all trademarks of MERV Engineering, Inc.

Written and DesignedH. MacLeod

Editing: Efrosini Drimoussis, Nick Fleming, Afton Lewis, Jason Montgomery, Bruce Murray, Allen Sens, James MacLeod, Patrick Redding, Dave New

Rule Testers: Clint Hocking, Jason Montgomery, Bruce Murray, Allen Sens, James MacLeod

Play Testers: Clint Hocking, Jason Montgomery, Bruce Murray, Allen Sens, James Macleod, Ilmar Weemes, Stephen White, Afton Lewis, Derek Krezeski, Nick Lacoumantas, Randy Parris, Anyone that ever complained, Jason Gilley, Nick Langford, Nick Fleming, Nick Kwan, Mark Kwan, Greg Dunn, Jason Liebert, Dave Bulman, John Sirmul, Karl Innes, Joe Jeffries, plus a few more.

Art Direction: Mike Jackson

Illustrators: Mike Jackson, Patrick Redding, Andrew Brechan, Jim Nelson, Eric Hotz, Peggy Lynn McAasic, Duncan X, Mike Deane, Warren Oddson

Desktop Publishing: Patrick Redding

Version 5.0

Copywrite © 2010 Creative Commons License

Web Development: Hugh MacLeod

Typing: Kim Jonasson

Play Testers: Colin, Liam, Jimmy, Benin, Ben, Nigel

Special Thanks: WordPress, Tobias Bäthge (Tablepress),

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Web Repairs: Hugh MacLeod

Unexpected revision required by a database scramble. Many typos, errors, and mangles also fixed.

Special Unthanks: WordPress and Google Cloud Products. Proprietariness through incomprehensibility.


Version 5.1

Intentional error correction (specifically bad writing) and improved ease of use online.

Version 6.0

Support tools such as persona creation. Online persona storage

VTT (virtual table top) integration.

Version 7.0

Persona creation and 3d printing

Version 8.0

Campaign creation and story frameworks. Section vii.