How Goes It?

Things are far enough along in the Antora version of EXP that I can publicly share it. There are great tracks that have not been updated. Specifically the hardware and Role Playing Rules.  One could conceivably play the game with the static rule set and the WP (this one) artifact rules. If the static site is not available it usually corrects within 24 hours.

Visit Static Site


studiostoks. stock illustration. modified HM


Hook Removed

After playing the unplug the plug in deactivation activation game the hook error was located. A 3 year plug had finally met it’s match in WP updates. Bye bye Collapsing links. You served us well.

THE SPACE PIONEERS THE TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET STORIES By Carey Rockwell 1953 Illustrator Louis Glanzman
Detector detector detecting detectors.

Hook Eh?

Aquarian protesting hooking.

I have moved off of GCS to sitegrounds. Works out to 5 times less expensive in dollars, and 25 times less expensive in time. Sitegrounds: https is instant, FTP is instant, WP instant, blank site instant, and I can fucking use email from my domain. Each of those was  clusterfuck of pain on GCS. I was able to move 5 full WP sites and two handmade sites in a few hours. In the meantime I am unable to gain access to GCS SSH because of key ratfuckery.

GCS is beyond opaque and operates not unlike a cellphone data plan where their shitty docs lead to errors that you pay for. That is the simple assessment of GCS. Anyways I wasn’t smart enough to make it work. 😉

There is a now a gorked webhook on this site. You can plainly see that at the top of the page. I am not going to fix it. I am continuing to work on the static site instead.