tentacle headed alien head humanoid sitting at a couch with human pictures in background
Am I adopted?

Modularization is going along. What it involves is creating a collection of modules (folders) that compartmentalize different sections of the rule set. For example, Attributes, Aliens, Robots, and Anthros were all clumped into Roll Playing Rules. Now each has it’s own modules that includes pages, and tables for the section. Antoradocs allows all these separate folders and files to be connected in a navigation tree.

Locking Down for a Storm

Part of version 7 is a rework of the language in the game. Letters have been replaced with words and words have been updated to more appropriate words. For example, Type A weapons have been renamed Striking weapons, and armour rating has become defence rating. What is about to begin is a rework of the organizational structure of the rule set. The sections will be rationalized for flow of persona generation and rewritten as needed. Latent LD grammar errors like the below will be sought and corrected.

info 4 RPG nerds. EXP is a heavily play tested, edited, RPG on its 7 version

It will be long time before the rule set will be updated, but the docs repo will be quite busy.

Alt for Haters

One of the goals of exp version 7 is updating up the images for screen readers. The 363 images in the game have snarky little comments but no proper alt tags for screen readers.

This image was first added in 1990. It was renamed “peak 1980s” around 2010. Sadly the name of the author was lost to time and hard drive failures.

In an effort to automate the process of creating alts I uploaded this image GPT4 and asked the LLM to generate an alt tag and it went bonkers. Multiple paragraphs detailing the image was way too long for an alt tag. The entire description is listed below.

I fed the description back into Dolly and it generated the featured image above. No idea where the “@ hater master” came from. Very, very funny. Dolly aimage creation is packed with accidental humour.

Suggested CGPT Alt

The illustration appears to be from a role-playing game scenario, reminiscent of the classic pen-and-paper RPG sessions. On the left side of the image, we see a woman standing up, who seems to be the game master (GM). She’s holding a book labeled “EXP” in her left hand, which likely stands for “experience points,” a common term in RPGs. She’s pointing towards the other participants with her right hand, indicating a dynamic interaction, possibly narrating a story or describing an event in the game.

The GM has a confident expression, with one eyebrow slightly raised, perhaps indicating a plot twist or challenge for the players. She’s wearing large hoop earrings, a tank top, and her hair is styled in a bob cut. She also has a wristband on her right wrist.

On the right side, there are two individuals seated at the table, likely players in the game. The one facing us has glasses and a look of surprise or concern, possibly reacting to the GM’s narrative. The other player’s back is towards us, and not much can be seen besides their hair.

In front of the players is a computer monitor displaying text and graphics, suggesting this game might be integrating computer technology into play, which was less common in early RPGs but became more prevalent over time. On the table, there are sheets of paper that look like character sheets or game maps, a few pencils, and polyhedral dice, which are iconic tools of tabletop RPGs.

The room appears to be a typical game room or living area with a simple desk and no decorations, emphasizing the focus on the game itself.

The illustration has a sketched, monochrome style, giving it a retro or nostalgic feel, and it’s likely intended to evoke the early days of role-playing games when such scenes were a common form of social entertainment among enthusiasts of the genre.